Building healthy communication with your staff

We at Mindful Employer want to share our 1:1 approach with you. Mindful Employer is a small office and we often find ourselves working independently. We began to notice a decrease in interaction and felt a bit in the dark about what everyone was working on and how projects were going. We were beginning to lose our connection and sense of team.

We developed a document we could use so that we still feel like a team, even if we are a thousand miles apart. This resource is a simple list of questions that we complete weekly and share with our boss. If we can, we discuss it in person, but if we find ourselves working in different places, we share it through email.

These weekly one-on-one’s provide an opportunity to create open communication and trust. Staff may feel more comfortable sharing when they’re struggling, need help prioritizing or have ideas about how the organization can be improved.

Download the 1:1 document and get started with your staff today!

Team Mindful Employer