I want to work for one of them!

Today I was describing the Mindful Employer In-House program to someone whose organization laid off over 50% of it’s staff. This man is immersed in the job search process. I told him that In-House helps to build the capacity of those who manage, support or lead employees to be more effective at resolving issues and facilitating employee success. His asked, “Who are these organizations? I want to work for one of them. They obviously care enough to do this and that is step 1!” And he is right. While the program is quite affordable and based on best practice, it still takes time, effort  and the commitment of its leaders to improving positive workplace mental health. So for all of the Mindful Employers out there taking action to build the capacity of leaders and improve workplace mental health, I want to share with you that there will be many talented people who will say, “I want to work for your organization!”