Is civility superficial in your organization?

I have been privileged to interview thousands of employees, at all levels, in hundreds of different organizations across the country. What is now clear to me is that management often has one perception of the workplace while the employees on the front line have another. Part of the reason for this is that employees often show and tell management what they think they want to hear. Unfortunately, for the many managers and leaders who have the best of intentions and the skill to resolve problems, they do not get the chance because they are unaware.

I am working with an expert in civility and respect in the workplace, Sharone Bar-David. She will help illuminate how we go beyond superficial words within a respect in the workplace policy, to an organizational culture that respectfully discusses and effectively resolves all problems and conflict. I will blend Sharone’s ideas with my approach to conflict resolution to provide you with practical strategies for improving your organizational culture – even the part you may not know about it. Some of those techniques are described in my book Resolving Workplace Issues. Stay tuned for more!