Mindful Employer In-House

Mindful Employer Canada is pleased to offer the In-House program to support your organization in building capacity for people leaders to address and resolve workplace issues.

Our Program

In-House will provide your organization with two sessions that can be delivered by your Champion as many times as practical during their annual subscription. Anyone can join in the session, but we’ve found those in roles where they are expected to manage, lead, or support employees benefit the most. In our experience, a group of 10-15 participants is optimal for encouraging open dialogue, and ensuring participants have a chance to share any challenges they may have.

From May 2016 to May 2018, Mindful Employer Canada was supported by the Ministry of Labour’s Occupational Health, Safety Prevention and Innovation Program to conduct a two-year case study on the In-House program in 26 not-for-profits across Canada. You can read the results of that case study here.

Hear what our In-House participants have to say about the program and the effect it had on their organization and team.

Benefits of In-House Program

Experiences with the In-House Program

Every In-House session was designed to be tailored to fit your time-frame and facilitated in a 1, 2 or 3 hour session.

The topics your organization can choose from are:

Improving Workplace Relations: Participants will engage in a number of activities that are designed to help improve their interactions with others and contribute to more positive outcomes in their workplaces.

Responding to Mental Health Issues: In this roundtable session, participants will look at strategies that can improve their comfort level and effectiveness when approaching an employee who appears to be struggling with a mental health issue.

Resolving Conflict: This case study session is based on a conflict resolution process that was developed by Mary Ann Baynton and has been very successful because it serves to maintain the dignity of both parties involved in a conflict while engaging them in developing effective and sustainable solutions.

Accommodation: This active learning session draws on the resource Supporting Employee Success, which was developed by healthcare professionals who recognized the need for a process that focused on workplace issues rather than medical issues.

Supportive Performance Management: Participants will consider strategies and approaches that will assist the manager to support improvement in performance and workplace interactions.

Addressing Co-Worker Fears: The case study session is based on a real life situation where a manager was tasked with supporting an employee’s return to work while managing the concerns raised by co-workers.

Preventing Bullying: This interactive session has participants consider the idea of intention vs. perception, how negative or aggressive behaviour should be addressed in the workplace and how they can intervene in a way that does not shame the individual who is showing aggressive behaviour.

Managing Stress by Building Resilience: This session will take participants through activities created to build resilience, emotional intelligence, and positive communication within a team.


Your organization can subscribe to the In-House program for $5/employee plus HST. There is a minimum of $500/year and a maximum of $9500/year. After purchase, your organization will be given access to the following materials:

  • Champion Manual for the In-House program
  • Champion Guide for each of the sessions
  • Participants’ Workbook for each session
  • Follow-up email templates to send to participants for continued learning
  • Access to our webinar library
  • Session evaluation links for those participating in the program to complete
  • Quarterly calls between your organization’s Champion and Sarah Jenner, our Executive Director.

Expected Results

We expect the effective delivery of the Mindful Employer In-House program to provide the following results:

  • Quality workshops that engage and inform on the subject of workplace mental health.
  • Cost-effective sessions that can be offered across your organization that develop changed behaviours and provide relevant tools and strategies.
  • A community of support within your organization consisting of people leader’s participating in the In-House
  • Mentoring for your Champion who can become a workplace mental health specialist for your organization.

The University of Waterloo made the decision to become part of a pilot project for Mindful Employer In-House…because we know that we need to give our managers the tools to be able to handle the increasing number of mental health illnesses that all companies are seeing. Our managers are enjoying this project because they are learning how to use these tools and how to interact with other members of management when they have a difficult situation.
Linda Brogden, University of Waterloo
Lundbeck is a Mindful Employer and very proud to be one because we are not only protecting the lives of our employees but we are also acting as somewhat of an ambassador to send that message to other employers that they need to step up and start protecting their employees.
Daniel McCarthy, Lundbeck