Mindful Employer In-House

Supporting those who support employees

In-House is a program that helps build capacity to effectively resolve issues that impact workplace mental health within your organization. This can include resolving conflict, supporting performance, developing accommodation or responding to employees experiencing mental health problems.

We support an individual who acts as your in-house Champion for positive workplace mental health. Through ongoing, on-line mentoring this individual can build his or her expertise in addressing workplace mental health issues. The Champion leverages the knowledge and resources provided to help others in your workplace to more effectively support, manage or lead employees.

Who is this for?

  • Supervisors
  • Human Resources
  • Occupation Health
  • Disability Management
  • Consulting Firms
  • Employee Assistance Providers
  • Union Reps
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Senior Leaders
  • Health and Wellness
  • Health and Safety

The In-House program price is based on total number of employees in your organization.

The rate is $5 x the number of employees, with a minimum annual cost of $500 + taxes and a maximum annual cost of $9500 + plus taxes.

If you are an association, or are interested in offering the In-House program outside of an organization please contact us.

We provide your Champion with resources to lead interactive sessions with staff who wish to develop strategies to address workplace mental health issues. Our intention is to make the process as easy and effective as possible for the Champion.

In each case, there is the ability to customize the learning and take-aways for the unique culture, needs and demands of your work environment.

Materials include comprehensive facilitator resources, participant workbooks, action plans you customize for your workplace and links to relevant resources.

Our sessions are designed to encourage discussion of potential strategies and solutions for addressing workplace mental health issues including performance, conflict, return to work, emotional intelligence and accommodation. We share practical approaches that your organization can then refine to meet the needs of your work environment.

Your Champion can facilitate these sessions without being a mental health expert as the focus is on workplace issues and not medical issues.

Each year your Champion chooses two sessions they wish to facilitate. They can be delivered as many times as necessary to accommodate all interested staff. Although these sessions are geared to those who support employees you can include anyone within your organization as participants.

The strategies and skills that participants in this program develop can positively impact your entire organization by improving the way issues are resolved in the workplace.

We provide your Champion with group mentoring directly from Mary Ann Baynton, a national expert on workplace mental health with many years of experience resolving issues related to performance, conflict, and accommodation. With her guidance, your organization can develop the in-house capacity to address even complex workplace issues more effectively.

Why I am the In-House Champion

Why I Joined Mindful Employer Canada

The University of Waterloo made the decision to become part of a pilot project for Mindful Employer In-House…because we know that we need to give our managers the tools to be able to handle the increasing number of mental health illnesses that all companies are seeing. Our managers are enjoying this project because they are learning how to use these tools and how to interact with other members of management when they have a difficult situation.
Linda Brogden, University of Waterloo
Lundbeck is a Mindful Employer and very proud to be one because we are not only protecting the lives of our employees but we are also acting as somewhat of an ambassador to send that message to other employers that they need to step up and start protecting their employees.
Daniel McCarthy, Lundbeck