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Through our Mindful Leader Program, you have the potential to make real and positive changes in your team. This has been one of our most sought after expert facilitated programs and we're now offering it online. We've taken our years of insight and experience addressing workplace issues like performance, conflict, return to work, and building strong teams, and offered it in Mindful Leader. You'll hear our expert's tips and tricks that will support you as a leader and set your team and organization up for success.


About the Program

The Experience

When you register for Mindful Leader, you'll be invited to take part in our online training platform where our experts show you the tools and strategies they use to address workplace issues and support workplace mental health. But that's not all, they'll also show you when to use them, and how to use them. You'll leave our courses feeling prepared to leverage what you've learned.

Applying Your Knowledge

In each Mindful Leader course, the learner must complete the Application of Knowledge in order to work towards achieving their Mindful Leader Levels. You can complete your Application of Knowledge by using what you've learned in the course to directly support a team member, or by showing others how they can use the strategy or tool to support others. You'll report back on what you feel went well in the process as well as how you think you could continue to improve.

Mindful Leader Levels

We didn't want to create another stand-alone program. As you move through the six-part program, and complete your Application of Knowledge, you'll begin to achieve Mindful Leader Levels. These Levels will move you up the Mindful Leader scoreboard and with each level you achieve, you'll receive a certificate of acknowledgement as well as a badge that can be added to your email signature or LinkedIn bio.

Cost Effective

Each Mindful Leader course can be purchased individually for $399 or you can purchase the Level Packages for a reduced cost of $699 for two courses. 
If you're an organization that would like to register 20+ leaders, please get in touch so we can provide you with a quote and options around creating a private label option for your organization to use.

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Mindful Leader

Online Courses


Foundations for Mindful Leadership

Early Bird Launch
October 14, 2020

After completing our required course in the Mindful Leader program, Foundations for Mindful Leadership, learners will have: 
- The awareness and understanding of what it is to be a Mindful Leader. 
- Strategies that address workplace challenges and earn their commitment.  
- Personalized plans to help staff focus on their well-being and ways they can support their mental health.

Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Issues

November 2020

After completing Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Issues, learners will have: 
- Tools to recognize when someone may be struggling with work tasks, significant stressors, or a potential health issue. 
- The ability to engage in an effective and solution-based conversation with an employee who may be struggling. 
-  An understanding of the resources available to staff, when to refer resources, and how to suggest resources to staff.

Building Healthy Teams

Winter 2021

After completing Building Healthy Teams, learners will have: 

- A multitude of tools they can leverage to improve team cohesion, reduce conflicts, and improve team culture. 

- A four-week plan to engage their team in activities that build social intelligence, improve effectiveness, and support employee well-being. 

Resolving Interpersonal 


Spring 2021

After completing Resolving Interpersonal Challenges, learners will have: 
- Tools to prevent and address bullying within their team and the understanding of what constitutes a psychologically safe interaction. 
- The confidence to use our expert's solution-focused approach to addressing conflict between staff. This results in commitment from both parties to move beyond tolerating and towards understanding.

Supporting Employees at Work

Spring 2021

After completing Supporting Employees at Work, learners will have: 
- A complete understanding of the process we use to manage staff performance if they're struggling with significant life stressors or a mental health concern. 
- The ability to create a comprehensive accommodation plan that focuses on the employee's cognitive and behavioural capabilities to meet job expectations, and requires no medical information.

Assessing and Improving Psychological Health and Safety

Summer 2021

After completing Assessing and Improving Psychological Health and Safety, learners will have: 
- An understanding of the factors that affect psychological health and safety within an organization and team. 
- The key tools to assess psychological health and safety, and a breakdown of the results with direction on the next steps. 
- Strategies to engage their team to discuss the results, and practical adjustments that can be made to improve the psychological health and safety of their team.

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"Mindful Employer Canada's Foundations for Mindful Leadership course was informative, practical and filled with vital information that any workplace can apply. The online experience was user friendly, interactive and information was easy to follow. This course definitely kept you interested and focused. If you're looking for an online course that is dynamic and provides you with tools and knowledge you will actually use, check out this program!"

Sarika, Sr. Manager, Strategic Initiatives, People and Culture

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