Ticked off by my own ignorance!

Reslience was a word that ticked me off because I heard it as, “we’ll treat employees however we want and you help them to put up with it (rather than improving the work environment) by teaching them resilience”. I resisted even looking into it much over the years. Isn’t it funny how we get a little bit of information and act on that rather than finding out the whole truth? Well, much to my surprise, when I finally did look at the research around building resilience – teaching people to problem-solve, to connect to others, to feel effective in life and to bounce back after challenges – I realized that these same skills also help us to avoid the worst, longterm effects of exposure to trauma. Then I learned, through the work of Rory O’Connor, that these same traits also help prevent people from attempting suicide! I felt like a fool for having ignored this for so long. And I realize that the vast majority of employers really want to do right by their employees and are not treating them poorly. So I have been hard at work with my colleagues developing team building activities that any leader can use to help develop resilience among their team members. It is exciting to think that these simple, easy-to-use activities may help prevent employees from unnecessary suffering while improving team performance. These activities will be made available on later this year and we at Mindful Employer will be sure to keep you informed about it. If you are not already part of our community, please sign up for our free enews at the bottom of