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1.0 - 1.2 Welcome to Creating Safe Workspaces / What Does a Safe Workspace Look Like? / Course Objectives


1.0 Welcome to Creating
Safe Workspaces

Welcome to Creating Safe Workspaces.

You'll notice throughout each part of this course that we have included buttons to download the resources that you will require to complete the course. 

On this page, we have included the Creating Safe Workspaces Workbook. This Workbook will serve as a companion to each of the parts of the Creating Safe Workspaces course. It is an opportunity for you to record notes, thoughts, and experiences that you may later want to reflect back on. Throughout the course, you'll see questions and activities within the different parts. You can answer these questions within the downloadable workbook so that you can have time to pause, reflect, provide answers, and then save them to look back on later. 

Please enjoy the video below where Sarah welcomes you to this course in the Psychologically Safe Leader Method and takes you through some key information about this module. Below the video, you will find a link to the Creating Safe Workspaces Welcome Survey. In this survey, you can tell us more about your expectations for this course. Upon completing the module you will have another chance to give feedback via the Creating Safe Workspaces Exit Survey. We take your feedback very seriously and use it to develop new content or refresh current content to better serve the needs of our learners.

Welcome to Creating Safe Workspaces Welcome Survey

Prior to beginning the Creating Safe Workspaces course please complete this Welcome Survey. It will help us to understand where our learners would rate their current abilities. After you complete the course, you’ll be asked to complete an Exit Survey and this can help us understand where this course is having the greatest impact.

CLICK HERE: Creating Safe Workspaces - Welcome Survey

Reflection Question

In your Workbook, Mindful Employer Canada would like to ask you what you feel are the biggest challenges or obstacles leaders and organizations face when it comes to fostering safe, respectful, inclusive, and healthy workspaces?


1.1 What Does a Safe Workspace Look Like?

When thinking about the title of this course, we opted to use the term “workspaces”.

We were drawn to this term because “workspace” can feel individual and unique. Just like each of us has our own personal bubble, we each have our own personal space. These spaces are precious to each of us and we flourish when these spaces are valued, respected, and safe. 

But organizations are often not made up of just one person in one workspace. They’re made up of any number of people who each have their personal workspace, and it’s crucial these individuals are able to work together to support the success of themselves, their colleagues, and the organization. All of these tiny, unique bubbles come together to create “workspaces”. So how do we create workspaces your employees can flourish as individuals in, and feel safe, valued, and respected when their workspaces ultimately have to collide? 

Reflection Question

Answer the following question(s) in the corresponding section of your Workbook.

When you think of safe workspaces, what characteristics, ideals or values come to mind?


1.2 Course Objectives

Our intention is that the awareness, understanding, and tools you'll learn here will be able to help you create safe spaces in all facets of your life. It’s a joint responsibility between the organization, its leaders, employees, customers, clients, students, and patients to recognize the impact we have on those around us and to take accountability for acknowledging attitudes and behaviours that do harm, unlearning those behaviours, and applying new language and skills that support safe and respectful workplaces. By the end of this module you should be able to:

In order for us to continue to provide a course that empowers leaders to engage in what can be challenging conversations, we’ll ask you at the end of the course to provide feedback on what you may still need in order to feel these objectives were met.

Reflection Question

Answer the following question(s) in the corresponding section of your Workbook.

What have you witnessed a colleague, leader, or organization do that cultivated a safe, respectful, inclusive, healthy workspace?

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