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Here at Mindful Employer Canada, we acknowledge the people and situations that have helped us learn and grow along the way. That's why we've created this resource library to help meet some of the needs you and your organization might have so you can continue your journey and use them to help others on theirs. 


 If you're not ready to start your journey with one of our Mindful Employer Canada programs, that's okay. Below you'll find a library of resources we've developed that can help you resolve some workplace challenges you might be experiencing. 


Mindful Leader: Programs
Conversations with Impact

Conversation is a powerful tool and when we create safe environments to ask hard questions and remain thoughtful, open, and curious about the answer, we hold space to learn together. 

Our mission for these monthly live events is to share insight on challenging topics, have a positive impact on our guests who attend, and also support a charity that's doing incredible work.

Each live event can welcome up to 245 guests. If you miss out on the live event, you can still experience the conversation when the recording is available on-demand. 

Join us by registering at one of our upcoming events, below! 

Radio show microphones
Conversations with Impact: Podcast

You can listen to all of our past Conversations with Impact discussions by clicking on the three dots within the episode banner and selecting "Play on Spotify". You can also find us on the Spotify platform by searching "Conversations with Impact". We hope you enjoy!

Resource Library

One-on-One image.png
One-on-one template

Checking-in with your team is fundamental to build trust, respect, and open communication. Use this One-on-One template to chat with a team member about their current challenges and victories. 

2023 Reflection & Planning Workbook.png
Reflection & Planning Workbook

2023's Reflection & Planning Workbook contains questions that allow us to pause and reflect, dream and plan, and we've also included some beautiful quotes to inspire you. 

We hope you enjoy it. 

Volunteer Toolkit
Volunteer Toolkit Photo.png

Volunteers come from all walks of life. This means a percentage of them will have lived experience with addiction, trauma or mental illness. Other’s will be struggling with personal, financial or health issues. The purpose of this toolkit is to explore the strategies that can be used to improve the  psychological health and safety of volunteers.

JDAPT for Workers
ACED Logo.png

The JDAPT (pronounced ‘jay-dapt’) is an easy-to-use online tool designed for workers with an episodic disability—that is, a chronic health condition, often invisible, that reoccurs, fluctuates or is getting worse over time. If that includes you, the JDAPT can help you identify the support you may need to continue working comfortably, safely and productively in your job. 

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