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Tackling the Issue In-House

In-House is a perfect stepping stone for organizations that prioritize, or are prioritizing employee mental health. 
Mindful Employer, Canada has developed eight session topics that teach leaders how to address workplace issues using tools and strategies that empower staff, rather than blame, shame or criticize.
Your organization subscribes to In-House annually and each year you choose two workplace topics you'd like to facilitate to the leaders within your organization. 

You can learn more about how the In-House program has supported leaders and organizations across Canada by reading this 2018 Research Report for the Ontario Ministry of Labour.  

In-House: Programs

About the In-House Program

What's included?

After you select the two workplace topics you want to tackle that year, we set you up with all the fixin's. You'll receive digital copies of a Facilitator's Guide, Participant Workbooks, additional resources, and email templates to keep the conversation going.

Your Champion

Your organization selects your Champion from your staff. Your Champion should be a staff member that embodies empathy, curiosity, and believes in the importance of workplace mental health. They do not have to be an expert in this area, because our Facilitator's Guide will provide them with everything they need to lead a productive conversation.

Expert Coaching

Each In-House annual subscription comes with a 30-minute coaching call from one of our workplace issue experts prior to your first facilitation so we can answer any questions you might have and set you up for success. 

If you have follow up questions or you're looking for suggestions throughout your subscription, we're always a call or email away. 

Cost Effective

Mindful Employer Canada wants to ensure In-House can be available to any organization at a reasonable price. 
That's why you only pay for the amount of staff you have. The cost for each annual subscription to In-House is $5/employee within the organization, with the minimum cost being $500/year and the maximum being $20,000/year.

In-House: List
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Session Topics

In-House: List

Improving Workplace Relations

Participants will engage in a number of emotional intelligence activities that are designed to help improve their interactions with others and contribute to more positive outcomes in their workplaces.

Responding to Mental Health Issues

In this roundtable session, participants will look at strategies that can improve their comfort level and effectiveness when approaching an employee who appears to be struggling with a mental health issue.

Managing Stress by Building Resilience

This session will take participants through activities created to build resilience, emotional intelligence, and positive communication within a team.

Supportive Performance Management

Participants will consider strategies and approaches that will assist a manager to support improvement in performance and workplace interactions.

Preventing Bullying

This interactive session has participants consider the idea of intention vs. perception, how negative or aggressive behaviour should be addressed in the workplace and how they can intervene in a way that does not shame the individual who is showing aggressive behaviour.

Resolving Conflict

This case study session is based on a conflict resolution process that was developed by Mary Ann Baynton and has been very successful because it serves to maintain the dignity of both parties involved in a conflict while engaging them in developing effective and sustainable solutions.


This active learning session draws on the resource Supporting Employee Success, which was developed by healthcare professionals who recognized the need for a process that focused on workplace issues rather than medical issues.

Addressing Co-Worker Fears

The case study session is based on a real-life situation where a manager was tasked with supporting an employee’s return to work while managing the concerns raised by co-workers.



In-House: Testimonials

"The University of Waterloo made the decision to subscribe to In-House because we know that we need to give our managers the tools to be able to handle the increasing number of mental health illnesses that all companies are seeing."

Linda Brogden, University of Waterloo

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