Our Mission

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to share their journey with you. Mindful Employer Canada emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support organizations to create workplaces that are productive, inclusive, innovative, and ambitious. 


We do this by creating programs that teach leaders how to resolve workplace challenges using strategies that focus on commitment rather than compliance and empowerment rather than criticism.


This can help leaders meet goals like commitment-based management, having difficult conversations, fair process leadership, and setting personal goals. 

Leveraging our programs and adjusting how your leaders resolve workplace challenges will reward your organization with positive improvements in leadership success, team culture, employee retention, and disability statistics, which impact the advancement of your organization as a whole. 


Established in 2013, Mindful Employer Canada is an organization driven by progressive ideas, comprehensive strategies, and a strong belief in improving the employee experience. 

Spacy Office

"The reality is employees aren't settling for toxic workplaces and detrimental leaders anymore. And why should they?


We invest almost half of our lifetime at work. Don't we deserve to do that in a place that values us? That appreciates us? That supports us?

We know the workplace can affect an employee's mental health. We know there are resources to help leaders be better.


As organizations, we need to show leaders strategies that support workplace mental health and more importantly, how to use them. 

That's where our programs excel." 

Sarah Jenner, Executive Director

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