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From Surviving To Thriving

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve supporting post-secondary institutions, their staff, faculty, and students. Since 2019, we've had the honour of working with post-secondary institutions across Canada to help them share valuable resources that support mental health and well-being. Whether you are a recipient of the Mindful Campuses grant or not, you can leverage the free Mindful Campuses Digital Toolbox to support the wellbeing of those within your organization.

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Creating Mindful Campuses across Canada!

Mindful Employer Canada is proud to be collaborating with Canada Life and Workplace Strategies for Mental Health on Mindful Campuses - a program dedicated to supporting Canadian post-secondary institutions to achieve wellness for staff, students, and faculty.


Mindful Campuses offers grants of $2,000 for a limited number of Canadian post-secondary institutions that meet the following criteria:

  • Funds can be used for purposes related to improving the psychological health and safety of staff, students, and faculty.

    • Optional: Use funds from this grant to print the workbooks for the workshop.

    • Optional: Use up to 50% of the allotted grant to help offset the costs of a coordinator for wellness activities that include students, staff, and faculty.

    • Optional: Creating wellness spaces for staff, students, and faculty. 

    • Optional: Supporting students facing food insecurity by providing access to free meals or gift cards to local grocers. 

  • Workshops that facilitate the completion of Plan for Resilience for staff and faculty, and From Surviving to Thriving for students before May 7, 2025. Both tools help build resilience and plan for stressful situations. Plan for Resilience is available at: From Surviving to Thriving can be found at:


If your institution is interested in applying for the 2024-2025 Mindful Campuses grant, you can do so by downloading the Application below and submitting it to by July 17, 2024.   

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Mindful Campuses Digital Toolkit

Digital tools in French and English to help you support the well-being of your staff, faculty, and students.

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