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Psychologically Safe Leader Method

A program developed to give you the answers to all your Googled leadership questions. 

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Why Psychologically Safe Leader Method? 

The difference between the Psychologically Safe Leader Method and many other training opportunities is that we get down to what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Rather than share theory or processes with leaders who are already dealing with high demands. we make it easy for them to take what they learn and apply it immediately to the situations at hand. Self-awareness and self-care are built into the fiber of the Psychologically Safe Leader Method. We don't expect leaders to be mental health experts, we actively teach them to do no harm, to know when someone needs additional resources, and to learn how to recommend these resources in a tactful and encouraging way. We are committed to being champions for the mental health and psychological safety of those who manage, support, and lead others.

What's included? 


Seven on-demand courses containing evidence-based, peer-reviewed strategies, resources, and frameworks developed by Canada Life's Workplace Strategies for Mental Health. Each course includes reading, videos, and activities to equip leaders with practical, uncomplicated, and effective tools. We also share the language experts use to build trust, engage employees, and address issues. On September 1, 2024, all course will be released to participants. While we have a recommended order of completion for the courses, participants are free to begin with whichever course best serves them. (See below for details about the courses.)


Once a month, participants will receive mentorship and guidance from industry experts to help them navigate the highs and lows of leadership. Some of our past experts include Mary Ann Baynton, Director of Collaboration and Strategy at Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, Dave Lowther, VP of Telus International, Carolyn Swora, Author and Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, and Lauren Bernardi, lawyer and HR advisor with Bernardi Human Resource Law. Each industry expert's experience and talents will reflect and coordinate with what participants have learned in that month's course. Participants will have their workplace challenges or questions answered so they can continue to develop effective skills and strategies.


Joining Psychologically Safe Leader Method means participants will have a community to lean on, learn from, and remind themselves that they’re not alone. Learners will be invited to join the Inner Circle, a dynamic community of practice dedicated to fostering psychologically safe workplaces. This will include ad hoc meetings where Sarah Jenner and Mary Ann Baynton will share the latest ideas, strategies, and resources in development. Participants will get answers to their questions, feedback on their ideas, and support for their projects on these calls or through the Inner Circle online forum.


After finishing 5 of the 7 Psychologically Safe Leader Method courses, passing course quizzes, and completing the Applications of Knowledge for those courses, participants will be Certified in the Psychologically Safe Leader Method. Walking away with evidence-based frameworks and expert tips, participants will be ready to apply what they've learned to address any leadership challenge they face. This will make them an essential asset to their organization and a transformational leader.

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Who would benefit?

Psychologically Safe Leader Method was developed for anyone who has a role, or is aspiring to have a role where they are responsible for managing, influencing or leading people in the workplace or who work remotely. This can include managers, supervisors, directors, occupational health, disability management, wellness professionals, consultants, etc. Download our program overview for more information and to share with co-workers, colleagues, and friends. 

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The Curriculum

Course 1: Foundations for Psychologically Safe Leadership

Skills nurtured in this course: Communication skills, Active listening, Powerful questioning, Emotional intelligence, Problem-solving, Leading hybrid teams, Delegation, and Productivity

Learning Outcomes:

  • Communication strategies that build trust and commitment.

  • A framework to address employee performance challenges that focus on employee commitment to change.

  • Personalized plans to help leaders and staff manage stress, support their well-being, and address current stressors.

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Psychologically Safe Leader Method was made possible with support from our founding sponsors: 
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