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While we do appreciate mindfulness, that's not our area of expertise. Mindful Employer Canada builds and facilitates leadership development programs that provide leaders with the language, strategies, and frameworks necessary to lead with intention, build thriving teams, and improve workplace mental health. 
We prioritize safe and respectful learning environments, recognizing that this might be the first step of an individual's journey, but after they experience our programs, we know it won't be their last. 
Take a look at our programs below and find one that supports you today!

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Psychologically Safe Leader
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We see every challenge as an opportunity, and this program helps organizations ensure that their leaders are adept to handle workplace issues. Whether you're a small business or large organization, Mindful Employer Canada provides you with everything you need to teach your leaders strategies that effectively address workplace issues. Our group facilitation format can be done in-person or virtually and creates opportunities for a recognized practice across all leadership levels when addressing issues.

In Psychologically Safe Leader Method we get down to what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Rather than share theory or processes with leaders who are already dealing with high demands. we make it easy for them to take what they learn and apply it immediately to the situations at hand. Self-awareness and self-care are built into the fiber of the Psychologically Safe Leader Method. We don't expect leaders to be mental health experts, we actively teach them to do no harm, to know when someone needs additional resources, and to learn how to recommend these resources in a tactful and encouraging way.

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve supporting post-secondary institutions, their staff, faculty, and students. Since 2019, we've had the honour of working with post-secondary institutions across Canada to help them share valuable resources that support mental health and well-being. Whether you are a recipient of the Mindful Campuses grant or not, you can leverage the free Mindful Campuses Digital Toolbox to support the wellbeing of those within your organization.

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Mindful Employer Canada at a Glance

Mindful Employer Canada is a not-for-profit that knows our strength lies in the values we stand behind and how those have shaped the objectives of our leadership programs.


Since our inception in 2013, we've evolved into a national organization that is proud to support the success of leaders and their teams across Canada.


Whether you're already a leader, or aspiring to take on a leadership role, we're confident we can help you overcome workplace challenges efficiently. 

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