Improving Working Lives

Everything we develop is made to improve workplace mental health (including yours) and increase the ability of leaders to respond effectively to others. We do this by providing the guidance you need through innovative and practical resources. We’re revolutionizing the Canadian workforce. Join us.

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Bringing Mindful Employer In-House

Over the years, we spoke with leaders in organizations who felt they lacked practical strategies to address complex workplace issues. So, we decided to do something about that. Our program helps build the capacity of your staff to address topics including employee mental health issues, conflict, and burnout so you won’t have to always hire people like us to do it! …Wait, what?

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Signing The Charter

Attracting and retaining talented employees is a growing concern. Does your organization support positive workplace mental health? Of course it does! So why not sign the FREE Charter for Canadian Employers Supporting Workplace Mental Health and make that public? Become a signatory and let others know that your organization cares about it’s staff as much as it’s bottom line.

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Leveraging Resources

Like to read books? We’ve got great educational books. Prefer to increase your knowledge through video? Webinars are perfect for you. Want actual training tools? We have that too. Our Resources focus on workplace mental health topics like conflict resolution, accommodation, return-to-work, and supporting an employee that’s struggling.


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