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Psychologically Safe Leader Method

We understand that for some individuals registering for the full program isn't always an option. 

Maybe you have a limited learning and development budget that wouldn’t cover the full program price, and being able to register for individual courses would allow you to get started. 

Maybe you're a business owner who doesn’t have a budget for learning and development and investing in a full program might not be possible just yet. 

Or perhaps in your specific job role, your responsibilities might not include employee accommodation or psychological health and safety, so you like the idea of being able to pick and choose the courses that add the most value to your journey. 

Whatever the reason may be, we're grateful to be able to offer flexible options for your situation so that anyone can leverage the Psychologically Safe Leader Method courses. 

Mindful Leader: Programs

About the Courses


Choose from the six on-demand courses containing evidence-based, peer-reviewed strategies, resources, and frameworks developed by Canada Life's Workplace Strategies for Mental Health. Each course includes reading, videos, and activities to equip leaders with practical, uncomplicated, and effective tools. We also share the language experts use to build trust, engage employees, and address issues. You'll have 90 days to complete the course and submit your Application of Knowledge. 

Applying Your Knowledge

In each course, you must complete the Application of Knowledge in order to become certified in the Psychologically Safe Leader method. You can complete your Application of Knowledge by using what you've learned in the course to directly support a team member, or by showing someone else how they can use the strategy or tool to support others. You'll report back on what you feel went well in the process as well as how you think you could continue to improve.


After finishing 5 of the Psychologically Safe Leader Method courses, passing course quizzes, and completing the Applications of Knowledge for those courses, participants will be Certified in the Psychologically Safe Leader Method. After completing each course, you'll be equipped with evidence-based frameworks and expert tips you'll feel confident applying to address any leadership challenge you face. Making you an essential asset to your organization and a transformational leader.


After becoming certified in the Psychologically Safe Leader Method, participants have the opportunity to join the online Inner Circle. This will include ad hoc meetings where Sarah Jenner and Mary Ann Baynton will share the latest ideas, strategies, and resources in development. Participants will get answers to their questions, feedback on their ideas, and support for their projects on these calls or through the Inner Circle online forum.

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The Curriculum

Course 1: Foundations for Psychologically Safe Leadership

Skills nurtured in this course: Communication skills, Active listening, Powerful questioning, Emotional intelligence, Problem-solving, Leading hybrid teams, Delegation, and Productivity

Learning Outcomes:

  • Communication strategies that build trust and commitment.

  • A framework to address employee performance challenges that focus on employee commitment to change.

  • Personalized plans to help leaders and staff manage stress, support their well-being, and address current stressors.

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