Getting Commitment Instead of Compliance


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Part 3 in a four-part series on Managing Teams. We can stand on our head trying to come up with great strategies and solutions for the benefit of those we manage, support or lead, but if they fail who do you think they’re going to blame? Learning to support others to commit to their own solutions rather than comply with your ideas can be critical, not just to the employee’s ultimate success, but to your mental health. Purchase this video to learn more about how this can be done.

Disclaimer – Our sincerest apologies, but the first 3 minutes of this webinar is missing audio. Our National Manager, Sarah Jenner, often jokes about us not being able to record a webinar without some sort of technological issue, and this time it happened to be the audio. The great news is that in that 3 minutes we introduce ourselves and recap what was shared on the first webinar Focusing on the Good. If you have not yet seen Focusing on the Good, you can purchase a copy to stream from our resources page.