Mindful Manager Membership

Mindful Manager Membership


Joining the Mindful Manager community includes:

  • A Mindful Manager lapel pin to signify your status
  • A copy of each of Keeping Well at Work and Mindful Manager books
  • Opportunities to attend exclusive events related to workplace mental health
  • The sharing of new and innovative ideas and resources
  • The ability to obtain support from the larger community of practice
  • The ability to contribute to the larger community of practice

Product Description

We are building a community with those who share the goal of supporting positive workplace mental health.

After you have completed the Mindful Manager application you will be recognized as someone who strives to be aware of mental health concerns and willing to work on solutions that can support employees to stay productive, return to work successfully after a leave, and preserve good working relationships. These skills are important for your work with all employees, not just those who may have a mental health concern.